Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Pustak Mahal pioneer in mass-trade paperbacks is now available on all digital platforms.

You can download our latest publications onto your kindle, IPhone, IPad/Pod, Blackberry, etc. You can download it directly on your kindle. For Ipad, first download the free app from Amazon.

Our complete range of publication is available  on Amazon as "ebooks". On Amazon, digital books are classified under Kindle books. In the search menu you can enter Pustak Mahal and our complete list (being updated regularly) will come up. You can buy the ebooks by paying through your Credit Cards and within a few minutes it will be downloaded.


The entire process of buying is very smooth and with minimum effort you can browse, and buy the book of your choice.

Enjoy reading and gifting books, because people don't throw them but keep them.

Monday, October 11, 2010



Cedar Books, an imprint of Pustak Mahal, is dedicated to exploring new talent in the field of fiction writing. The books published under this imprint are a product of fresh and vivid imagination of budding writers, enriched with refreshing language. Our Bestsellers include Rosha, Love on Velocity Express, among many others.

Pustak Mahal is a professionally managed, closely held, family-owned company that was incorporated in 1974 by promoters who already had over four decades of experience in the field. Having moved from success to success, the company today has over 1,500 titles, with at least 500 titles on the active list. Out of these, around 50 titles have been on the bestsellers' lists, and are still being printed even years after their first edition. Every year, the company prints over 2.2 million copies of different books.

We are inviting manuscripts in fiction genre. The well written manuscripts will be acknowledged and rewarded by us.
·         First 15 entries- 1 Winner- Cash Prize of Rs. 10,000
·         Next 16-30 entries- 2 Winners- Cash Prize of Rs. 7,000 each
·         Last 31-50 entries- 3 Winners- Cash Prize of Rs. 5,000 each

So hurry up and send in your entries to publicrelation@pustakmahal.com. Last Date to submit the manuscripts is Oct 31, 2010.

*** Non Fiction Writings are welcome, but will not be the part of contest. ***