Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Did You See The Joker?- by Saikat Baksi

The girl whispered, “I love you.”

It took a while for the words to sink in his consciousness. When they did, he broke into a brief silent smile. The trace of dismissive scorn did not miss the girl. She repeated, “I loved you . . . from the moment I saw you there at the corner table.”

He watched her with an amused mocking glint and said in a slurred voice, “It's okay. I paid you already.”

“You know, he looked exactly like you, calm, serene, simple, sitting at that corner hidden in the darkness watching me. He was the one who took my virginity.”

He stopped for a moment and listened. In a stupor of inebriation, it sounded like a true account.

“He said he loved me. He used to come every night. He bought me this gold chain you see.” The girl pointed at her neck. There was a scar at her neck and there was also a thin gold chain resting on her bare chest.

Ceaseless flow of life swirls around the bends of tears and laughter, vengeance and passion, hatred and love. Yet it flows . . . nothing can stop it. Nothing can block it. The eternal flow holds the wavering reflection of the joker . . .

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122311761
: 167
Price: Rs. 125.00

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Twenty Soul-stirring Short Stories- by Lalgudi Krishnamurthy Arunachalam

Today's world seems to be filled with greed, sex, violence, money and power chase, fraud, deceit and many other vices, which sure is disheartening. It seems to give an impression that 'goodness' and 'compassion' of humans have disappeared from this world. 

The stories in this book reiterate that goodness and good people still exist and surely in large numbers across the world, who need to be heard. We need to restore our faith in the triumph of the good, weak and the meek over all evils that one may face.The 20 stories covering Pan-India will be soul-stirring and will leave a deep impression on the reader.

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122311723
Code: 9563N
Pages: 151
Price: US$ 5.00

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Temple Of Destiny- by Neeraj Singhvi

Story of a great adventure through a person's life – a young man travelling to India in search of answers to his life's mission. He comes to a place where his mentor provides him divine guidance. The story revolves around fishes in a bowl and how these as a medium help the young man change his mission in life by making him understand the intricacies thereon. It brings out nature's gift to the world and will provide reasons for your existence on this planet. It's about life's main system – the principle of connectivity and integration of mind, body, earth and the universe. 

It was a self-evaluating experience, which with its simple language touched my soul. It tells us to bond with nature to attain peace and to stay away from exploitation led by religion and terrorism. It is like an encyclopaedia to which we need to refer at every crossroad of life. —Kanchan Srimal (60)

This book has just mesmerised me. It has been an eye opener. It has made me realise the minutest details of our existence. Faith, patience, endurance all in oneself is most important. Do read the book in solace – understand every word and line deeply. For me it is like modern version of the “GITA”.   —Vishal Himatsingka (39)

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122311655
Code: 9564P
Price: Rs. 175.00

The Wife The Mother And The Man In Between- by Vaishnavi Sanoj

As the world shrinks into one global village, people are more and more inclined to easy-way of doing things and so do i-Pads replace laptops, i-pods replace radios and that is all appreciated too. But when it comes to marriage there is almost no easy way to STAY married. There is none and there will be none in any millennium. Staying united all through a lifetime calls for lot of adjustments, patience and a mind that can forgive.

And since the past two decades our television serials have been attacking on mother-in-laws; portraying them in the worst ways as possible, so much that the very thought of a mother-in-law coming into life along with the marriage triggers tension into every bride. But let us take a different route in this book, and try to understand the woman called mother-in-law and why she reacts the way she does and also what can you do not just to STAY married but be loved by your spouse and his family as well. 

About the Author: Vaishnavi Sanoj is the partner and fifth generation member of S T Reddiar & Sons family, the one to have firstly established a press for Malayalam books in Kerala. Her press successfully presents to that market a lot of astrology, Vaastu, ayurveda and Hindu-epic books since 125 years. Her poems: Ode to the Busiest of Minds, When a Friend Betrays, Kinder Garden Memories, An Eternal Longing, A Prayer for the Love and The Loved have been published in the e-journal www.museindia.com, and some other collection of poems including: My Dad, A Tribute to Coffee, etc., were published in www.poemhunter.com

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122311815
Code: 9458G
Price: Rs. 72.00

Fate, Fraud & A Friday Wedding- by Bhavna Rai

It's an extravagant Friday night wedding at one of the glitziest venues in Delhi. A young call center executive falls to her knees, shot by a drunken ex-boyfriend who'd been blackmailing her.

Both Anand and Neel witness the event. One is the cause, the other, the effect.

This contemporary novel traces the journeys of two men, one from India to the US, as he relentlessly chases his dreams and the other from the US to India, as he returns grudgingly, for the sake of his family.

Caught between them is Tara Mehra, the woman they both love. One is her past, the other, her future.

Can Anand's immense personal wealth and corporate success erase the scars of being spurned by the woman he loved? Will he realise that the only thing holding back his vision, is the extent he is willing to go, to achieve it? Can Neel win the multimillion dollar bid and cement his status with his overbearing boss? Will his American girlfriend be able to get a wedding date out of him or will her efforts be thwarted by his mother's matchmaking? 

Set against the backdrop of the IT industry, where aggressive growth targets and billion dollar revenues go hand in hand with the dark underbelly of Internet fraud and manipulated share prices, this is a story of crisscrossing lives and intertwined personal and professional relationships.

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122311686
Code: 9573G
Rs. 150.00