Friday, October 28, 2011

The Susurrus Beyond the Sky - by Junius

It is every boy's dream to kiss his teacher, and Ritwik is no exception. Only his teacher is also a boy.

Thus begins the journey of a homosexual student, and before long the college principal, Swami Muktananda, suspends him for indecent behaviour. His family, distraught by the news, sends him to Dr. John Dias for cognitive behaviour therapy. But wonder of wonders, Ritwik stumbles across an unlikely gay patient at the doctor's office: Swami Muktananda.

Stung by the revelation, he braces himself for more surprises when the Supreme Court revives Section 377 without warning. And since this law criminalises 'sex against nature', fanatical groups attack the gay community with impunity.

Only a religious force could stop such untamed religious fury, so Ritwik begs Swami Muktananda to declare his sexuality and convince the public on the need for reconciliation. But will the monk comply—or will Ritwik have to bear the cross all by himself?

Set in Chennai, The Susurrus beyond the Sky narrates the tale of two homosexuals—one a student, and the other a sannyasin—and how circumstances force them to join hands against a common foe: bigotry.

Language:   English
ISBN:   9788122311792
Pages:   272
Rs. 175.00

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