Thursday, December 15, 2011

God Moved Your Cheese - by B. Ganeshkumar

Ever given a thought as to: 

Why do most people, even though despising what they do, religiously wake up every morning to welcome the same mundane routine for another frustrating day? 

Why does the motivation to achieve something in life automatically disappear after a few days? 

What stops us from achieving what we really want to achieve?

Why do we mostly choose a 'safer' option (eg. a Job), rather than following what our heart really wants us to do? 

God Moved Your Cheese throws up practical insights into these queries, in a rather innovative and simplistic manner, logically building up to that one attribute which will grant you the right to be successful in any sphere of life. Forever.

Language:  English
ISBN:  9788122311938
Pages:  160
Rs. 125.00

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