Thursday, March 15, 2012

Love's Journey - by Rashmi Singh

An unusual saga of dreams, love and faith overpowering seasons of deceit and lust...

Sebastian loses her family at the age of fifteen in a communal riot of a small town and lands up by luck in the tinsel town of Bollywood. Her path is filled with hurdles in shades of poverty, greed, compromises, infatuation, love and lust but acclimatizing herself to vagaries of life she manages to shine as a beautiful star, reaching the pinnacle of stardom. 

This is a story of a woman, who breathes for true love, in this materialistic world. At the epitome of success, love once again beckoned her with all its essence but ends as another physical encounter of her life, leaving her emotionally bereft. Finally, her journey of love traversing through slums, facing hurdles and rough patches, climbs the epitome of success, finding its destination at the place she had never expected.

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122312010
Pages: 224
Price: Rs. 150.00

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