Sunday, August 15, 2010


Cedar Books, an imprint of Pustak Mahal, is dedicated to exploring new talent in the field of fiction writing. The books published under this imprint are a product of fresh and vivid imagination of budding writers, enriched with refresing language.

We, at Cedar, are determined to take Indian fiction to world audience. An imprint that came into existence a few years back, now boasts of a decent number of titles, with many more in the pipeline. In just 12 months, 35 Titles published. Our bestsellers include The Angel of God, Knots and no Crosses, Men! As they Are, among many others.

Can you smell story in the air? Cedar Books is the place for you!

Cedar Booksis committed to curve raw diamonds into twinkling jewels, hence amateur writers are also welcome to send in their prolific work.

Mail at to Submit Manuscript.

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