Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pustak Mahal

Pustak Mahal is a professionally managed, closely held, family-owned company that was incorporated in 1974 by promoters who already had over four decades of experience in the field. Having moved from success to success, the company today has over 1,500 titles, with at least 500 titles on the active list. Out of these, around 50 titles have been on the bestsellers' lists, and are still being printed even years after their first edition. Rapidex remains one of the most successful brands ever created in Indian publishing history with over 25 million copies under the Rapidex imprint. Every year, the company prints over 2.2 million copies of different books – including the new titles.

Among Indian publishers, Pustak Mahal remains a pioneer and trendsetter in more ways than one. The basic reason for this has been the company's ability to respond to the aspirations and expectations of readers, to conceive and create books that would help the general reader achieve his goals and better his prospects – be it social, professional or commercial.

The company has been producing general books on almost every subject under the sun. You name it and Pustak Mahal has it. However, our most notable efforts have been in the field of language-learning and supplementary books for children. Our Children's Encyclopaedias, Fun-while-you-learn science books, Do-it-yourself books for children have broken fresh ground in these fields. With over 25 million copies in print Rapidex English Speaking Course, Rapidex Letter Self-Drafting Course, Rapidex Computer Course and others have made publishing history giving new hope to millions. With public awareness growing about different subjects and changing lifestyles, the company has now been producing books on:

•Health, Hygiene, Nutrition


•Religion & Mythology

•Body & Beauty Care

•Cookery & Home Management

•Sex, Relationships

•Language Learning

•General Information

•Popular Sciences

•How to Excel Series


•Children's Knowledge Bank

•Palmistry & Astrology

•Career Guidance

•Self-Management Books

•Jokes & Satires

•Fun, Facts, Quizzes

•Games, Hobbies & Activities


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