Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Temple Of Destiny- by Neeraj Singhvi

Story of a great adventure through a person's life – a young man travelling to India in search of answers to his life's mission. He comes to a place where his mentor provides him divine guidance. The story revolves around fishes in a bowl and how these as a medium help the young man change his mission in life by making him understand the intricacies thereon. It brings out nature's gift to the world and will provide reasons for your existence on this planet. It's about life's main system – the principle of connectivity and integration of mind, body, earth and the universe. 

It was a self-evaluating experience, which with its simple language touched my soul. It tells us to bond with nature to attain peace and to stay away from exploitation led by religion and terrorism. It is like an encyclopaedia to which we need to refer at every crossroad of life. —Kanchan Srimal (60)

This book has just mesmerised me. It has been an eye opener. It has made me realise the minutest details of our existence. Faith, patience, endurance all in oneself is most important. Do read the book in solace – understand every word and line deeply. For me it is like modern version of the “GITA”.   —Vishal Himatsingka (39)

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122311655
Code: 9564P
Price: Rs. 175.00

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