Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fate, Fraud & A Friday Wedding- by Bhavna Rai

It's an extravagant Friday night wedding at one of the glitziest venues in Delhi. A young call center executive falls to her knees, shot by a drunken ex-boyfriend who'd been blackmailing her.

Both Anand and Neel witness the event. One is the cause, the other, the effect.

This contemporary novel traces the journeys of two men, one from India to the US, as he relentlessly chases his dreams and the other from the US to India, as he returns grudgingly, for the sake of his family.

Caught between them is Tara Mehra, the woman they both love. One is her past, the other, her future.

Can Anand's immense personal wealth and corporate success erase the scars of being spurned by the woman he loved? Will he realise that the only thing holding back his vision, is the extent he is willing to go, to achieve it? Can Neel win the multimillion dollar bid and cement his status with his overbearing boss? Will his American girlfriend be able to get a wedding date out of him or will her efforts be thwarted by his mother's matchmaking? 

Set against the backdrop of the IT industry, where aggressive growth targets and billion dollar revenues go hand in hand with the dark underbelly of Internet fraud and manipulated share prices, this is a story of crisscrossing lives and intertwined personal and professional relationships.

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122311686
Code: 9573G
Rs. 150.00

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