Friday, September 24, 2010

The Angel of God- by Jyothi Menon


“…I cannot wear the mask of decency ever. The world will continue to remind me of the gutter from where I rose. Never mind that. You will not become another Moosa Bhai. I will not let you do that. You are going to become the master and the brain behind a business empire. A completely legit one. Do you understand me, Bhaskaran?” Moosa looked like he was talking from somewhere deep beyond his being. His whole countenance was lit up, he was looking deep into Bhaskaran`s eyes, poring into the young man`s mind, touching a part of that young absorbing soul and creating all at once a moment of sheer beauty and absolute magic for the young boy. Once more it seemed to Bhaskaran that the Angel of God had touched him, sending goose pimples running down the length of his body, his eyes brimming with tears of gratitude, hope and a lack of words to thank this man whom so many feared as The Enemy.

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122310412
Pages: 320
Price: Rs. 195.00

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