Saturday, September 25, 2010

Under the Rain Tree- by Vatsala Balachandran Warrier


The stories in this collection span continents, traverse time and enter the realms of fantasy. But they are rooted in this world, which sustains us all. These are tales of men and women caught in the play of time and the dilemmas of life. They make moves and countermoves to emerge stronger and wiser. From the promise of young love to the fulfilment of more enduring relationships, the women in these stories seek love in all its myriad forms. The men in these narratives include one who seeks solace in alcohol, another in his work; a young soldier freed of his past, a sportsman welcoming his future, and another seeking his roots.

Human perplexities are endless, its enigmas are complex and multiple. All these protagonists, on voyage to self-discovery, find their own solutions. And, in the end, they discover that happiness is webbed into our lives like the roots of a tree. It lies within. We only have to listen.

Language: English
ISBN: 978-81-223-0981-2
Pages: 175
Price: Rs. 95.00

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