Friday, September 24, 2010

Three Shades of Green- by Manasa Rachapalli


Three Shades of Green has been written taking into consideration different perspectives of human life. The three stories:
\'Sandy and Pearl\',
\'A Fine Line\' ,
have different storylines about different protagonists set in different situations of human life. Underlying each story is a message, which is conveyed in a subtle manner throughout the stories. Critical issues, like female foeticide and dowry, have been taken up in the first story very beautifully. The second story talks about love, betrayal and a fine line between love and selfishness. The third story \'Peetam\' talks about the immortality of the soul. Three Shades of Green is a beautiful presentation of feminist literature interspersed with wonderful emotions of the human mind; the characters are so real, that you would often mistake them for real life people. The challenges before two women, each confronted with a different problem, how a person in love crosses the fine line between love and selfishness and the invincibility of the human soul presented through use of simple language and a mature style makes all these stories worth reading.

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122310337
Pages: 167
Price: Rs. 195.00

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