Monday, September 6, 2010

Somewhere @ Nowhere- by Nikesh Rathi

What would be like taking a few weeks break and planning an unplanned travel across length and breadth of the country and explore the vastness and diversity of India?

Aditya Khanna is a confused jobless ex-investment banker with an IIT – IIM lineage who does the same- except that nothing goes as he had expected.

There were different kinds of people, each having a different tale to tell. From encounters ranging from meeting a know-it-all sadhu in the Himalayas to getting kidnapped by naxals to meeting a girl on the run whose only aim in life was to die. There were experiences of varied hues and shades in this roller coaster of a journey- experiences that had the power to break and change a person and in the process probably discover oneself.

Will it take it all in his stride and move ahead and laugh at it when he looks back?
Or will it leave him broken and shattered?
Or will he discover his non confused self?
Or will he be left stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere?

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122311303
Pages: 144
Price: Rs. 150.00

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  1. Wonderful agonizing story. Written beautifully as it chronicles the delays, disappointments, and crumbs of hope that fell your way. Good luck with it! I learned never to tell people anything until it’s a reality – nothing is worse than having to shuffle my feet and say, “well,…still waiting” or worse …”well, it didn’t work out….”
    -- by Opinionated Reader