Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Wheel Turned- by Malathi Ramachandran

It is the dawn of the 1960`s. Meena is married to Anand, an army officer, and lives with him at an army cantonment in the verdant hills of Dharamshala. But their life together turns upside down when the unit is suddenly called to resist the Chinese in the North East. Anand goes to war and never returns. There is no news of him, nor is his body found. Has he been killed? Did he abscond from the battlefield? Was he captured alive?

As her family and friends prepare her for the worst, Meena remains staunch in her belief that Anand would have fought like a brave soldier and would be safe somewhere, and would return to her some day.

Weeks turn into months and the months into years. Another man enters her life, but Meena is not ready for this relationship, convinced that Anand will come back. She clings to her dreams, and her most precious possession, an old Tibetan prayer wheel, becomes her talisman of hope and happiness. She knows that it had brought her happiness once, and it would again show its magical powers.


This is the story of a soldier`s pride and courage on the battlefield and of a woman\\\'s faith and commitment; the story of tireless waiting and endless believing. Told with deep sensitivity, understanding and gentle humour, this story of Meena and the two men who love her moves to a heartrending climax. When the wheel turns, only Destiny knows who will be at the top…

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122311044
Pages: 295
Price: Rs. 175.00

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