Friday, September 17, 2010

Beyond Diamond Rings- by Kusum Chopra


Beyond Diamond Rings is a book that spans five generations. Yet it is not a story of generations that encapsulates a family history. Instead the book touches upon the lives of a women-centric Sindhi family of the Bhaibund community. The story revolves around the family’s post-partition rehabilitation experiences and presents a panorama of relationships between the women. The book follows them from pre-partition times to ours.

The Bhaibunds were the Merchant Princes of Sindh, who celebrated their success with fabulous homes and flamboyant weddings, Sindhi roots streaked with the colours of the world.

Post-partition’s major sociological development was a break with the ancient tradition of Bhaibund men leaving their families at home to live and work abroad, very often fathering a brood there. Genetically programmed almost to live with minimal male interference in their day-to-day functioning, the womenfolk blossomed on their own, taking hold of their lives. Living together with their men made for gender discomforts, in sharp contrast to the flair for living displayed by those lone women whose best was brought out by absent husbands or widowhood.

This book is about the women of those Merchant Princes, how they coped with the trauma and the freedom of this lifestyle, individually and collectively in locales as varied as Pune, Jakarta, Singapore, Dubai, the West Indies and Canary Islands.

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122310894
Pages: 207
Price: Rs. 175.00

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