Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Letters.... M.K.Gandhi- by Prof. Prasoon


My Letters” reveals not only the subject and object well but also the person, personality and attitude of Mahatma Gandhi. One can know real Gandhi through these letters, and his views about:
Purna Swarajya
Bharat Chhodo
Vishwa Yuddha

Gandhi’s determination and confidence, his devotion and dedication towards the greater cause of nation and humanity, have found profound expression in his letters.

Gandhi’s perception of each situation or issue is crystal clear and shown well through the letters. There is no illusion or dilemma. He had no doubt about what he was doing and what he was asking the people to do.

His ideas are clearly expressed in the letters. Such open and clear minds are rare. Without any shred of doubt, Gandhi was a rare figure.

“My Letters,” including Gandhi Re-introduced, is illuminating and will enrich the inner core. The letters are relevant and essential because of the global instability and terrorism.

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122311099
Pages: 240
Price: Rs. 250.00

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