Sunday, September 12, 2010

Far From Normal- by Priya Varatharajan

A book by a teen for teenagers

Jessica Baker is only sixteen years old when her older sister, Kim dies in a car accident. Two years later, she moves to the quiet town of Greengrass, New Jersey, USA and is shocked when she discovers that she can talk to the dead. She soon befriends Stella, another mediator who also can talk to the dead. The two are on a secret mission, to persuade a particular spirit to leave the world. But that’s not the only problem Jessica has!
A dead sister, a freaky friend, a crazy sister, a mentally disturbed (as Jessica thinks) set of parents, a snobbish foe (at school), a girl who she thinks is her friend, a girl who is unable to make a decision and a gym teacher who has no sympathy aren’t making anything easy either.
A very creative plot woven into an interesting storyline with captivating elements of paranormality, mystery, suspense, deception, friendship, betrayal, teen rivalry and lots more.
An accomplishment that is Far From Normal indeed from a prodigious 13 yr old author.

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122311464
Pages: 224
Price: Rs. 150.00

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