Monday, September 13, 2010

The Red Corridor- by Ritu Dokania

Ramu, a typical Bihari servant, loves to flash his red torch light on the images of voluptuous heroines in the cinema hall and disparages foreign cuisine. He plays Lakshman during the Ramlila festivities, grudging the importance given to Hanuman. Could he be a murderer? Has he killed Manian?

Timila thinks so and interrogates him thinking about their interwoven lives in Chennai. Timila, an expatriate from Nepal, is branded Nepali-girl-with-no brains by her new, urban friends in Chennai. She is mocked since she cannot comprehend western social etiquette. She falls in love with Manian, a Tamilian businessman obsessed with medical research, who tries to cure her facial flaws. In alien Chennai, she meets Ramu, Manian\\\'s servant who incidentally hails from her hometown.

The riots in Nepal flared up by the Madhesis, the Indian-origin-inhabitants of Nepal, thwart the fledgling relationship between Ramu and Timila, who are two Madhesis uprooted and treated shoddily by an unfamiliar world. Manian and Timila find love and success in Chennai when suddenly death comes knocking…. Can Timila find a satisfying denouement?

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122311075
Pages: 166
Price: Rs. 150.00

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  1. Ritu has stressed on alienation of Nepalese people in India and how political turmoil is disrupting their lives in the book “The Red Corridor”. It is the story written with backdrop of communalism and element of suspense makes it an interesting read. It gives an insight into the tumultuous state of affairs. There is no country free of racial conflict as hostility has become a global phenomenon. It has many assets: a good pace, clear language and straight-forward storyline. Pause and embellish characters make it stronger.