Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prisoners of Hate- by C.V.Murali

Set in Mumbai, this novel delves into the minds of Farhan, Madhav and Sanjay – three men whose lives are intertwined together by a quirk of fate.

It traces the history of their forefathers and the events leading to the 1993 Mumbai riots and subsequent terror attacks and the paths chosen by the three protagonists.


The tale moves from pre-partition days to current day Mumbai, looking intimately at the changing milieu and its impact on the three men and their families.

As the narrative progresses, there also emerges a constant dialogue with the readers, bringing the mirror to their face and drawing them into looking at various societal issues, the greatest of which are intolerance and apathy.

The three men are drawn towards each other on a bloody morning near Shivaji Park, Mumbai\\\'s middle class hub. They go back, changed, but are again pulled towards each other. The story culminates at the same place, as dusk slowly settles in, fifteen years later as the three adversaries are pitched into a battle of life and death.

Language: English
ISBN: 9788122310702
Pages: 259
Price: Rs. 195.00

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